I has been a dream of mine to make wedding dresses to suit the you's and me's of the world. We want dresses that we can wear agian, that feel special enough but not OTT and feel like us.

We have started making our styles in white linens, cottons and laces. However we can pretty much do anything. We have a huge collection of deadstock laces which we can work with the suit your ideas or we can source something specific.

"Working with Faith is a dream. I came to her with a million ideas but no clear picture. Faith was patient and shared her expertise as we worked together. We created a design I absolutely love and I couldn't be happier! The prototype is already so incredible I can't imagine how good the final piece is going to look!?"

FRL Bridal Designs

Love one of out FRL designs and what to turn it into your wedding dress?

Please get in touch if you want any of our current designs made up in white/lace/custom fabrics. Prices will vary based on the fabric you choose and the layers required.

Want something bespoke?

Here’s how it works.

1. Book in for a consultation

We meet (in real life or over the phone) so I can get to know you and learn about the “DREAM DRESS”

Things you need to think about before we meet:

• Think about collecting some images of shapes and outfits you love

• Think about what silhouette you are drawn towards and what suits your body shape

• Think about what time of year your planning to get married (Weather, inside, outside)

• Think about the type of fabrics you like: silk, lace, tulles etc

• Think about your budget, put a number on it and we can work from there

These are all the things we will discuss when we meet so be ready and prepared so we can make the most of our time together, I will also take your measurements or show you how to take your own.

Based on what we have discussed I will put together a costing and timeline which you will approve before I get started. For me to get started I will invoice you for the first 50%, the second 50% is due once we are ready to make the final sample

2. Making the first sample

Having taken your measurements and discussed your DREAM DRESS in detail I can begin work on your first sample. 

All my samples are made from plain white cotton (if you have an allergy be sure to let me know!) and are intended to demonstrate the fit, and design features. You can come and try it on in person or have it delivered. 

This is the stage where we make any major or minor alterations to the pattern, tweaking and refining things until you are happy.

3. Ordering the fabric and trimmings

When the sample is complete, I will order the final fabrics and start making your DREAM DRESS.

4. Try on the dress!

Our final consultation will see you step into your DREAM DRESS for the very first time. This is our chance to make any final minor adjustments in preparation for your big day.

This is when I'll ask for the remainder of the cost. When you are happy, your dress will be delivered or you can come to collect it. 

Get in touch to chat more

Please let us know more details about your dream dress: