Made to Order Clothing

The shop currently opens on wednesday's at 8am for 20-25 more orders. This is currently the maximum we can sew each week. By closing the shop it means everyone gets their garments in a timely manner.

On each product page you can sign up for a notification when the shop reopens, currently selling out each week within the first hour so get in QUICK!

How your FRL garment gets made:
1.  Your order is placed.

2.  Faith and Molly cut out the fabric.

3.  The fabric is boxed along with all the components needed.

4.  The boxes are picked up by the seamstresses.

5.  The seamstresses work their magic. (Some garments can take up to 4 hours to make)

6.  The finished garments are dropped back to the studio.

7.  Each order is checked.

8. The order is then packaged.

9.  The order is then posted.

10. The order arrives!!

All made to order items take approximately 23 working days!

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