From brighton and back again

Who is Faith?

Faith is a born and bred Brightonian. She spent her early years cycling along the seafront and sipping tea in the laines with her mum and little sister.

In the Autumn of 2013 Faith packed her bags and headed to the London College of Fashion where she gained a first-class Batchelors in Swimwear and Lingerie design. Faith being the spontaneous, if not slightly wild, adventurer that she is, went to work in Australia, where swimwear comprises 50% of most peoples wardrobes. Although Aus was dreamy and had much more reliable weather forecasts, there was work to be done and companies to create back home.

Faith ran an award-winning underwear company for three years but the allure of coastal sunsets and the cry of the seagulls at 4 in the morning called her back to her hometown.

Despite a pandemic tearing the fabric of our collective realities Faith decided it was a perfect time to start her next venture. Bored of working with tiny pattern pieces and making amazing products that no one would ever see under all the layers of clothing, Faith turned to the clothes themselves. Her tutor once told her that once you can make a bra you can make anything - and she believed her. Enter FRL.

F%$! fast fashion

Clothes give us a window into the past and changing our relationship to clothing can change our future. The juggernaut that is fast fashion rules supreme, it is a system of exploitation at every level from the production of crops and weaving of fabric all the way down the line to the consumers.

Faith wanted to create something that not only didn’t contribute to this system but actively fights against it, and this is something that will always be an ongoing process and priority at FRL.

We do this in lots of different ways, first Faith spends weeks carefully designing products that will last and transcend fickle fashion trends with both those in production and customers in mind. She carefully picks what kind of fabrics to get and where to get them from. Secondly, she considers production and who is working for her and what they need to get the most out of their work with FRL.

Slowwww fashion

We make clothes that are wanted and considered. When you place an order with us the ball starts rolling.

We cut your order in our studio in brighton. This takes time as we cut everything by hand and ensure all alterations have been made correctly.

A batch of orders then heads to our seamstresses who work from home. They make your clothes then return them back to us in the studio ready for the next batch.

We then lovingly pack up your order and send it to you.

This all takes time, all order take approximatley 3 weeks <3


Faith's favourite thing is to source fabric. It's her passion and what inspires her creatively. Finding a new fabric brings lots of possibilities.

We use natural new fibres from credible sources and deadstock fabrics.

Deadstock fabrics are unwanted fabrics bought by fashion brands or over production from factories. The fun thing about these is that they are limited edition and we can normally only make a few dresses from each roll making them super exclusive.